Quiz – Chinese New Year!

Have fun taking the Chinese New Year Quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about the fascinating customs surrounding China’s most important holiday.  The quiz has 10 questions.  Your score, correct answers and explanations appear at the end.  Enjoy!

1. Which one of the following is not one of the 12 animals or signs of the Chinese zodiac?

2. About when was Chinese New Year said to be first celebrated?

3. What is another name for and translation of the Chinese expression for the Lunar New Year (“chunyun”)?

4. About how many people in China participate in the annual ritual and “world’s largest human migration” in which Chinese travel home to celebrate the Spring Festival with family?

5. What is the symbolic color of China’s Lunar New Year?

6. What is the most important and symbolic fruit of the Chinese New Year celebration?

7. What do dumplings represent on Chinese New Year?

8. In the Chinese lion dance, what vegetable was traditionally hung 15-20 feet above the ground for the lion to capture?

9. What is the traditional symbolism of lighting firecrackers for Chinese New Year?

10. About what share of the world’s fireworks (“huapao”) are designed and produced in China?

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