Quiz: Human Development Report 2011

The quiz tests your knowledge of issues in sustainable development and equity from the UNDP’s 2011 Human Development Report (HDR).  The quiz has 10 questions.  Your score, correct answers and explanations appear at the end.  Enjoy!

1. By how much did the UNDP’s Human Development Index (HDI) for all countries increase on average from 1970 to 2011?

2. By how much did the UNDP’s Human Development Index (HDI) for “high human development” countries and “low human development” countries, respectively, change on average from 1980 to 2011?

3. During the last 50 years from 1960 to 2010, the Green Revolution in agricultural productivity saw agricultural output increase by ___ percent, while the amount of land under cultivation changed by ___ percent.

4. How many people in the world still lacked access to electricity in 2011?

5. By how much did the number of natural disasters per year increase on average from 1980-85 to 2005-09?

6. On average, a resident of a very high human development country accounts for how many times more carbon dioxide emissions than the average person living in a low human development country?

7. What are the respective per capita carbon emissions of Norway and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

8. By roughly how much does the global annual fish catch of 145 million tons exceed the maximum annual sustainable catch?

9. What percent of reduced timber harvest (deforestation) does the European Union transfer to developing countries?

10. Which Nobel Prize-winning economist argued in 1993 that sustainability involved the duty of the current generation to endow future generations with “whatever it takes to achieve a standard of living at least as good as our own and to look after their next generation similarly?”

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