India Quiz!

The India Quiz tests your knowledge of the world’s second most populous country.  The quiz has 10 questions.  Your score, correct answers and explanations appear at the end.  Enjoy!

1. What are the population of India and Uttar Pradesh, the largest of India’s 28 states?    

2. How many languages in India have more than 5 million native speakers?

3. Which of the following countries does not border India?

4. Who colonized the present-day Indian state of Goa in 1510?

5. For which of the following products does India account for more than 50% of world trade?

6. About how many of India’s more than 1.2 billion people: a) were affected by India’s massive power outage in July, 2012, the largest blackout in world history; and b) lack access to electricity?

7. How do literacy rates of men and women compare in India?

8. What is jugaad?

9. Who has been described as one of the pioneers of India’s IT outsourcing industry, India’s leading philanthropist and the Bill Gates of India?

10. Roughly how many movies do India and Hollywood make each year?

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