Maldives Quiz!

The Maldives Quiz tests your knowledge of interesting facts about the Maldives and global warming.  The quiz has 10 questions.  Your score, correct answers and explanations appear at the end.  Enjoy!

1. Where is the Maldives?

2. What is the geographic area of the Maldives?

3. What is the population of the Maldives?

4. What is the adult literacy rate of the Maldives?

5. What are the Maldives’ two biggest industries?

6. What portion of the Maldives’ GDP was wiped out in 2004 by a tsunami?

7. About how high above sea level is the Maldives on average?

8. How soon is the Maldives forecasted to disappear due to global warming at current levels of carbon emissions?

9. Who is President of the Maldives?

10. Who directed the The Island President, a captivating film about the Maldives and President Mohamed Nasheed?

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