French Labor and Leisure Quiz

In honor of the on-going battle over the French way of life, have fun taking GS’ French Labor and Leisure quiz.  The quiz has 10 questions. Your score, correct answers, and explanations appear at the end of the quiz.  Enjoy!

1. What is the population of France?

2. How many passengers traveled through Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport in 2008?

3. What percentage of the French workforce belongs to trade unions?

4. How many work days were lost to strikes in France in 2008?

5. How many days of paid vacation per year does France guarantee to French workers?

6. By how much did the life expectancies of French women and men increase from 1950 to 2000?

7. What percentage of France’s population was over 60 years old in 2009?

8. What is France's total fertility rate?

9. Which country spends the most minutes eating and drinking per day?

10. Which country spends the most minutes sleeping per day?

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