South Africa 2010 World Cup Quiz!

Have fun taking the first GS quiz which commemorates the 2010 World Cup in South Africa before it gets any older (unless you’re Spanish)!  The quiz has 10 questions.  Your score, correct answers, and explanations appear at the end of the quiz.  Enjoy!

1. What is the population of South Africa?

2. How much did South Africa spend on the World Cup?

3. How many countries made their first World Cup appearance in 2010?

4. Which country had the highest average number of yellow cards per game?

5. What is the name of Germany's famous psychic cephalopod (octopus)?

6. Which number is closest to the combined total attendance at all World Cup matches?

7. What is the name of the Dutch Brewery FIFA reprimanded for "ambush marketing"?

8. Which country had the highest average goals scored per game?

9. Which player won the Golden Boot for being the top goal scorer of the tournament?

10. What was the name of the 2010 World Cup mascot?

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