Norway Quiz!

In honor of Norway topping the 2010 Legatum Prosperity Index, have fun taking the Norway quiz.  The quiz has 10 questions. Your score, correct answers, and explanations appear at the end.  Enjoy!

1. What was the population of Norway in 2007?

2. What was Norway’s per capita GDP at purchasing power parity (PPP) in 2007?

3. What percent of the mountainous country is arable land (suitable for farming) and how much of Norway’s land is above the treeline?

4. How many hours of daylight does Oslo average on December 22?

5. What percentage of Norwegians identified themselves as “very happy” or “quite happy” in a 2005 poll?

6. What percentage of Norwegians volunteered in the past month according to Gallup World Poll data from 2009?

7. What is the correct order of the largest foreign aid donors from highest percentage of GDP to lowest percentage of GDP in 2007?

8. What is the correct order of the highest users of clean energy as a percentage of total energy use in 2006 from highest to lowest?

9. What is the correct order of the most gold medal winners at the winter Olympics by country from most to fewest?

10.  By roughly how much did the percentage of reindeer owners in Norway change from 1950 to 2000?

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